Friday, December 11, 2009


Several months ago my favorite radio program, Rick & Bubba ( did a radio-thon for WorldVision. WorldVision sets up shop in different areas of the world and relies heavily on donor support for children in those areas. They bring the Word of God to them and help develop medical clinics, water wells and other basic life necessities to the communities. I'd been led to "adopt" one of these kids last year and I neglected to act. This year I couldn't avoid that burden placed on my heart--and you know when the Lord says go, you go. So this beautiful young lady became a part of our lives. Her name is Ledjana and she is from Albania. She has an older sister, Lorjana and a younger brother Florjan. Florjan is a very sick little boy and their family worries for him daily. Their mother is a home-maker and their father is out of work. Things are very hard on this family but I've already received my first letter from her and they are all very excited to have someone in the states that cares for them. I have to be really careful in what I sent to her because some countries do not have the freedom of religion like I am so blessed to have. I know that her country is free, however, they are predominately of Muslim makeup. It is not something I've asked.
She shares Jaecob's birthday which is really cool for him, but she's 11 years old--I guess 12 now. Anyway, as you pray, please remember her family in your prayers... 1) for healing for her brother, 2) sustainment for their mother in her care for him, 3) that her father would find a job that would have a positive family impact and 4) that the love of our Lord and Savior be surrounding this family and that they would be accepting of His most precious gift: Salvation.

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