Saturday, February 6, 2010

Goodbye, loyal companion(s)

This week has been a tough week. First of all, rewind to last Thursday. My mother tells me Peanut (our mini-daschund of almost 14 years) has reached the point where she needed to make "the decision" to put her down. So I make plans to be off on Friday from work to take her and do it without my mom knowing (this was her request). I received, late Thursday, a call from the "Administration" at my work that I had a mandatory meeting on Friday. I was unable to leave the office in time to get to my mom's house and take the dog for "the procedure." So I'm heartbroken in many different ways. Fast forward to Monday...the dog's leg has swollen ten-fold and it self ruptures. The dog is in major pain, my mother is literally hysterical and cannot get in touch with me (phone fell off table became unplugged and I'm unreachable). I get a series of voicemails at work on Tuesday, Feb. 2nd., "today's the day, you've got to come and get her, something has to be done, she's suffering."

So, I leave work in tears, dreading putting this dog down. This dog was one that my father and I went to purchase against my mother's wishes 14 years ago. My dad died of complications related to Leukemia that SAME year we got Peanut. God works in mysterious ways.

I dug a hole in my mothers back yard (I've never done it before) and buried her companion. Today I got to see the little headstone she purchased and I burst into tears.

My son had a birthday party to go to tonight from 6p-9p and so we rolled up to our house about 8:45 or so... Hubby's on the telephone. I hear him say, "ok, thanks so much, bye." He looks at me, "I have to talk to you, without Jaecob."

Things are serious.

He'd just hung up with our neighbor. Our dog, Tank, was hit by a car earlier in the day and he's been killed.

Um. God works in mysterious ways. I'll be pondering this one for a long time.

On 1/22/2008 I lost my miniature Schnauzer, Cadie, to an illness, she was 9 years old. On 2/28/2008 we lost our chocolate Lab, Mollie to an infection; she was 8 years old. So here we are right at 2 years later mourning the loss of Peanut (13 years old) on 2/2/2010 and Tank (almost 2 years old) on 2/6/2010.

God is in control and He will be my fountain of peace. I may not be able to get off my knees to get to the fountain, so I'll crawl.