Monday, April 6, 2009


Ok, so I got one of those little ticker things to tell me where you folks are from. It's WEIRD. I see lots of folks from FAR away... no one leaving comments. Hmm...

Well if you guys are looking, I'd LOVE for you to say hello! Nothing more needed! What a wonderful way to make friends!

As we enter into this most Holy of weeks, to be a Christian is the most humbling titles I can ever assume. Above all this earth we will be lifted and reside in our eternal home with our most gracious and loving father. I miss my biological dad more than anything I can possibly imagine, but to know the One that breathed life in me, cleansed me of my sin, gave me hope, charged me with leading YOU to Christ and is preparing my own slice of heaven---what more could I need? I hope you know His love today. If you do not, please contact me and I can help you find the way. We are all sinners, yet he cleansed us. He works in mighty ways to glorify even the lowliest. I certainly was one of those! He has offered a gift to you, the gift of eternal life. Won't you accept Him today? I am praying for you, if you have a specific request...PLEASE leave me a message and a way to get back in touch with you. I will pray for your request. God hears, and answers prayer in mighty ways. Praise HIM.

If you don't regularly attend church, just stop by one this week at attend services. You never know, what do you have to lose? You certainly have everything to gain!

In Christ, Heather