Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Not that this family has so much going on that requires a blog--I just thought that it might be fun. Maybe. I'm not really good at keep up daily posts--they might come weekly. If you're lucky. Or unlucky...whatever... Today I'm just going to post pics of Halloween and my stinky little boy. Jaecob will be 8 in just more than a week. And, I'm posting cake pictures--always fun. Updates to come when I'm not at work!

Here is Jaecob at Halloween--wanted to be a U. S. Marine (just like dad)! Thanks to dad, we have the ammo and everything...ugh! Mom objected, was overrulled by vote of 2 (men) to 1 (me). Oh well. Dad sure was proud though!

Well I'll try to figure out this blog thing later on.