Monday, October 26, 2009


So I have no pictures of this unfortunate event--thank goodness, I'd hate to have stored for all of prosperity a perfect example of cluelessness for future generations.

Tank must have been bitten by a snake. Although the vet could not definitively say that was the cause. His WHOLE HEAD was swollen then his neck! He looked like a buck in rut! Paul said, "Hey, he's filling out quite nicely, isn't he?" That was on Friday. Saturday he looked like we blew him up with the air compressor. Sunday was worse. Monday the swelling was down significantly but he had a hard knot in his neck. Infection! Swelling continued to go down--but as I would find out later not to the degree of "gone." Thursday it ruptured, time to head to the vet (well, past time, I know...). So Tank had surgery on Thursday to clear out the infection and the vet "installed" a drainage tube. It has to come out today--that should be fun! But he's back to his normal, perky, hyperactive self and yes--the swelling is gone.

I didn't remember his head being so small! HA! Poor baby...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cake Disaster

So, biggest commissioned cake to date. I thought it was beautiful just pink with fondant balls. However, the job called for monkeys. It was quite a cute little cake and tragedy struck. So I'm trucking along for an early a.m. delivery and I get about 15 miles from my house and I am hearing the familiar sound of press-n-seal wrap crinkle. I mute the radio and listen and yes...I do hear it. I hear "thud" in the back of the car (Rogue 'hatchback'). No---NO---NOOOOOO!!!! THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING TO ME, NO NO NO!

oooh, but it is. No tools, no icing, nothing to fix this cake-NOTHING! The top two tiers slid right off the bottom! I am hysterically crying! I pick up the phone, out of dern minutes. I have to ADD minutes to the cell phone...hubby has left the house, my mother is not answering the phone (everyone is headed to a different b'day party about an hour away), I'm stuck! (Matter of fact, this one really concerned person stopped to ask me if I was ok while I was stopped in the parking lot--I desperately wanted to show her my mess in the back of the car but I was paralized. She eventually moved on, Lord, bless her) I call the customer and agree to meet her and do whatever I can to fix this mess. I drive to her house and I'm armed with a butter knife. I was able to repair it to a manageable condition and her party guests were none-the-wiser.

It was like a Monet--(ha)--pretty lovely from a distance but once you get up close you can see that it's really just a mess.

Side note, the cake--no matter how solidly stacked would have NEVER survived the hills and driveway of this home. *IF* I'm commissioned for the 2nd b'day party then assembly will come On-Site!!! Alls-Well that ends well!!!!

Last post made in June. Ugh! What a loser I am at posting! I guess it's just not my passion. It's fun to do and I do it in spurts...but who knows. Ah, I've got it. Other than YOUTH FOOTBALL, there's not much else going on in my life. I've had to turn down multiple cake orders only to have games rained out. Oak Grove 7/8 team hasn't won a game yet, but we DID score a touchdown in the final 2 minutes of a game making the final score 8 to 6, Curry. I know, it's a loss--but to have a defense that holds the other team to 8, not too shabby, eh? I hope football pictures will be in soon and I hope that they turn out as fabulous as when Jaecob was "John Parker Wilson" for Halloween in 2007... ha ha--he's SO serious!