Friday, December 11, 2009

Charting Right Along...

So I've re-upped my subscription to Fertility Friend and I'm charting BBT. It is SO fascinating to see the temperature changes throughout cycles. I'm a data freak though, I understand that's a little weird for some folks. But I've earned my "charting certificate" now and have proudly posted it on my blog.

Got an email from my most dearest of friends the other day after I posted the last quips. You know, I try not to complain when I think of her story. Eleven (YES, ELEVEN) YEARS of infertility, broken hearts, numerous tears, uplifted prayers, failed fertility treatments, etc. And once she laid down her burden it was just like Hannah's petition to the Lord to open her womb, my dear friend conceived. No meds, no treatments, it was the full work of God. He showed his miraculous blessings and demonstrated his power to make things happen when we least expect it. This person knows the true meaning of defeat and gracious miracles.

That being said, I know that the Lord is at work here! I pray that my endurance withholds as I wait for Him, or become at peace with His answer. Until then I lift up my prayers to Him, hoping that He doesn't get tired of hearing me...

How about a positive pregnancy test for a Christmas gift (and of course the subsequent blessing of a happy, healthy full term baby --Girl or Boy, who cares?!).

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