Monday, October 12, 2009

Last post made in June. Ugh! What a loser I am at posting! I guess it's just not my passion. It's fun to do and I do it in spurts...but who knows. Ah, I've got it. Other than YOUTH FOOTBALL, there's not much else going on in my life. I've had to turn down multiple cake orders only to have games rained out. Oak Grove 7/8 team hasn't won a game yet, but we DID score a touchdown in the final 2 minutes of a game making the final score 8 to 6, Curry. I know, it's a loss--but to have a defense that holds the other team to 8, not too shabby, eh? I hope football pictures will be in soon and I hope that they turn out as fabulous as when Jaecob was "John Parker Wilson" for Halloween in 2007... ha ha--he's SO serious!

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