Monday, October 12, 2009

Cake Disaster

So, biggest commissioned cake to date. I thought it was beautiful just pink with fondant balls. However, the job called for monkeys. It was quite a cute little cake and tragedy struck. So I'm trucking along for an early a.m. delivery and I get about 15 miles from my house and I am hearing the familiar sound of press-n-seal wrap crinkle. I mute the radio and listen and yes...I do hear it. I hear "thud" in the back of the car (Rogue 'hatchback'). No---NO---NOOOOOO!!!! THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING TO ME, NO NO NO!

oooh, but it is. No tools, no icing, nothing to fix this cake-NOTHING! The top two tiers slid right off the bottom! I am hysterically crying! I pick up the phone, out of dern minutes. I have to ADD minutes to the cell phone...hubby has left the house, my mother is not answering the phone (everyone is headed to a different b'day party about an hour away), I'm stuck! (Matter of fact, this one really concerned person stopped to ask me if I was ok while I was stopped in the parking lot--I desperately wanted to show her my mess in the back of the car but I was paralized. She eventually moved on, Lord, bless her) I call the customer and agree to meet her and do whatever I can to fix this mess. I drive to her house and I'm armed with a butter knife. I was able to repair it to a manageable condition and her party guests were none-the-wiser.

It was like a Monet--(ha)--pretty lovely from a distance but once you get up close you can see that it's really just a mess.

Side note, the cake--no matter how solidly stacked would have NEVER survived the hills and driveway of this home. *IF* I'm commissioned for the 2nd b'day party then assembly will come On-Site!!! Alls-Well that ends well!!!!

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