Thursday, February 9, 2012

Unity in the T1 Community

I tell you this social media thing has a way of MAKING THINGS HAPPEN. Mission: Wikipedia commences NOW... My mission, yes, I chose to accept it, is to help out some T1 friends in getting her website listed on Wikipedia. We're not entirely sure it'll work but hey--come up with a nifty catchphrase like Unity in the T1 Community and I'm ALL IN... So if you're up for some informational information (ha) check out this wonderfully new and exciting website called Type 1 Diabetes Awareness at:

There's a cute little logo and everything!!

Did I mention what they are doing for us T1's? Should I? Oh, indeed!!! is a website that was started in November 2011 that aims to raise awareness for type 1 diabetes. The tag line is Bringing Unity to the Type 1 Community. The website is managed by an individual with a connection to type 1 diabetes. The website is not affiliated with any medical organization nor does it give medical advice. Although only 5-10% of all diabetics have type 1, that still makes up millions of people all over the world that have this autoimmune disease.
The website prides itself on having accurate information. It offers a forums section where several type 1 related topics are listed which is beneficial to those that live with this disease on a daily basis. It provides those an outlet to discuss very important topics.
Managing type 1 diabetes can costs hundreds of dollars each month without health insurance. Unfortunately, many people can not afford it and need help. The website also offers a programs/info section that directs those in need on where to find assistance with insulin, blood glucose meters and test strips, blood ketone meters, lancing devices, assistance for those on an insulin pump, and information about type 1 diabetes. There is also a pump comparison chart listed to help those trying to find the right insulin pump.
The purpose of this website is to bring people with type 1 diabetes together as well as their families and friends. It is a place to learn and share real life experiences with others that understand. The website also promotes awareness of type 1 diabetes.


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