Friday, March 20, 2009


So, our "Puppy"--who is still technically considered a puppy weighs between 60 and 70lbs, and that's a rough guess! He was born on Easter 2008 (3/23) and here Easter is around the corner again!! Here are some comparison pictures...The third picture is one of him the week after we got him and we put him in the Evangelistic Dog Show at our Church ( The shirt he wore at 5.5lbs (6 weeks) barely fit on his HEAD a few months ago. And although he's not an inside dog, he thinks he's a lap baby. He chews up everything, loves chasing a tennis ball and his favorite sport is KEEP AWAY. He wants to keep everything away from us--you should see him and the neighbor-dog "Tuff" play with a stick. Tank keeps it away from Tuff and slows down only enough so that Tuff thinks he might have a chance to get it away from Tank.
After losing Cadie 1/22/08 and Mollie 2/28/08 , Tank has been a therapeutic addition to our family. He finds creeks in the woods that we didn't know were there, he comes home soaking wet. He drags up the most interesting things (a princess mirror, a mixing bowl, an innumerable variety of tennis shoes, dress pants, furry blankets, deer carcasses--yes! And even a deer shed that was 7 points on one side--his, er, Paul's prized find). HA! Dogs, don't you just love them?!

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